Set wide goal

Set wide goal#

Part of Explore domain. Thinking “wide” makes you more of a renaissance man and less of a specialist. What opportunities are you missing in life? See also the V in INVEST (mnemonic).

Planning widely is also about diversification. Is it wise to put all your eggs in one basket and watch it closely? There’s more than one way to make money (or achieve value, in general).

If you’re doing more focused research (searching), you can see setting a wide goal as BFS. Is it likely you’re going to be able to find an alternative solution, or are you ignoring hard but likely necessary questions? If your target is less negotiable, your solution space will be smaller, and you shouldn’t be looking as widely. Analogizing to physical exploration, you can see a wide goal as adding to your map (reducing fog of war) in a BFS manner.


Should you take the time to add G2 to this graph?

* c: G1
| * b: G2
* a

Estimate cost#

See Set goal.